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Halotv is India’s Fastest Growing Short Video | Social Media Status company with more than 5000 Trending Videos every day. We empower and Promote Enthusiastic Creators around India & Asia who are passionate about Short Videos. HaloTv available in 12 Language and soon with 30 International Languages across the world to showcase Indian Talents .

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Halotv Gaining Momentum and becoming one of the most admired and viewed Short Video | Status Video Platform. Allow Creator Stars to showcase immersive, Emotion driven 30 Seconds to 45 Seconds Videos to an extra ordinary Indian & Asian Community which today spend most of the time on Mobile with target market of more than 700 Million mobile Users in India Alone. Creator Stars no need limit themselves to any city or state but can reach & Create their own followers across Asia. Do Big Think Big Show Big!

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Discover all of your Talent, passions and interests on Halotv. Our community of creators Stars Showcase every category of content. We help you discover endlessly. Join us to start your Journey Now.

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